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A Quick Guide to Basic Cami Tanks

Camisoles and tanks seem the same compared to one another, but what really makes it special? These under sung heroes are one of the greatest staple pieces to have in your wardrobe!

You can wear this alone on a hot summer day, working out/yoga/Pilates, under a cardigan/sweater or under sheer shirts/blouses to hide your bra. Sure, there is a fad right now where your bra can show at times, but face it: it's just a trend. We focus on the classic and versatile pieces that are going to stay with you, time and time again.

So, back to the basics! Cami tanks are so helpful with your outfit, and it's so important to choose the right color and fabric. Luckily for you, if you're reading this, we've done just that to save you time and effort!


Colors to have and what they're good for:

Black: Great for under darker sheer tops or dark prints to be saturated and pop out.

White: Great for light colored prints or dark prints to make the lighter colors seem more vivid. They're actually the worst to wear under white shirts, and contrary to most beliefs, it actually stands out more.

Nude: In contrast to the white, nude is the best to make the appearance come across nude. Great, right?! This color or heather gray will be your best neutral colors to go to, to give the appearance of a solid shirt, versus two layers happening when worn under anything sheer.

Now these are your basic must have colors, and when it comes to materials, that is something that people preference. Here, at Alex's Boutique, we believe that your body should breath and that your cami tank should have adjustable straps, it doesn't roll up on you throughout the day and that it washes and wears just like the first time, every time. There is nothing worse than having layers to make your outfit look great, and then to feel like your chest is going to sweat and fall off, to have your cami roll up to your belly-button and the strap continuously fall off your shoulder. We hate it too, and that's why we carry our camisole tanks all year and to cure you of that headache!

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