Cinemood Storyteller Mini Projector

Cinemood Storyteller Mini Projector

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This 3” portable, smart mini projector is kid-friendly, and creates up to a 12-foot projection in a dim to dark environment. No connection to computer or wall outlet is needed. Access 150 hours of hand selected kid content, including Disney ebooks, or stream Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, AmebaTV, YouTube, and YouTube Kids directly from the CINEMOOD menu screen. Download Netflix or Amazon Prime Videos directly on CINEMOOD (8 GB) to enjoy without WiFi!

  • Detailed Information and Warranty Information

    • Educational Disney Content: Digital library includes 40 Disney e-books 25 short safety videos and cartoons (does NOT include full-length Disney movies). Also, enjoy 75+ episodes of other fun cartoons, more endearing e-books, and shadow puppets.
    • Your content on the big screen: Upload and play your videos or use screen mirroring for iPhone and iPad only. NOTE Laptop mirroring is NOT supported. Copyrighted content and purchases from iTunes, Hulu, and similar streaming apps CAN NOT be mirrored
    • CINEMOOD comes with a 1-year worry-free guarantee and friendly customer service (phone number and information in the box)
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