About Us

The owner, Sarah, works hard by hand-picking merchandise, updates the website and sends out orders while working with her teenage daughter, Alex. Alex and Sarah, along with family and friend support, are the driving force to Alex's Boutique. We work hard with a close-knit team to keep prices as low as possible, so you can shop knowing you're getting the BEST deal out there!

We truly believe that there needed to be a place where women felt confident about their shopping choices. Everything is personally selected by Sarah to ensure there is no compromise on fabric, cut, style, and versatility. Sarah believes there should be a place for women that carries true women sizes. 

We get how annoying it is to shop somewhere and to only find out out you will need a small in one item, but a large in another, we eliminated that for you! If you're a "medium", guess what? You'll always be a medium with us!


We have been open since 2014 and we search high and low for great apparel to be added to your wardrobe (as well as your home) for a great price.  We have expanded our shop with great finds in baby care and home goods. 

No more headaches for shopping.

No memberships required to get a great deal.

Come experience 5-star customer service with Alex's Boutique!

~Happy Shopping~

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