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2020 Alex's Boutique



  Thank You for shopping with us! 

We truly believe that there needed to be a place where women felt confident about their shopping ventures and what they are wearing.


With over 15-years experience of fitting and styling women of a variety of ages and body shapes: Alex's Boutique is just the place that was created with service and quality. You can shop confidently online knowing that we work hard to ensure consistent sizing for women with a great fit, quality apparel and with you in mind.

We get how annoying it is to shop somewhere and to only find out out you will need a small in one item, but a large in another, we eliminated that for you! If you're a "medium", guess what? You'll always be a medium with us!


We have been open since 2014 and we search high and low for great apparel to be added to your wardrobe for a great price. 

No more headaches for shopping.

No memberships required.

No need to feel like someone is pretending to know what you're looking for with trends. We aren't trends, we are the everyday boutique: For all the versatile needs of your everyday life.  

~Happy Shopping~