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Crockpot - Honey Glazed Chicken Adobo

Searching the net and looking for something super delicious and easy to make during these hot days I stumbled upon this recipe from pinch of yum.

Before you start making this scrumptious dish, be sure to really get the flavor you want by preparing it the night before to really let those flavors merry together.

If you really like the traditional adobo style you may leave out the honey, but you'll really regret not having that delicious honey glaze mentioned at the last step.

The recipe does call for boneless chicken breast if you're looking for something on the healthier lighter side, but if you're like me who loves that juicy dark meat, I highly recommend some chicken thighs on the bone. Bone-in meat will release more collagen and make the meat even juicier.

We know you'll love this recipe as it has over 875 reviews with a solid 4.6 rating. Just make some rice in time to start digging in!

Try it out and leave a comment below!

Images from pinch of yum

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