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Dresses and Panty Lines

Nothing is worse than finding a dress you love, to get home and find out that it is either SUPER see through, or you don't have that one panty that you need to be able to wear for this particular moment. A nightmare! We know it all too well...

There are a few quick things to help you get through this:

1) If you bought your dress with Alex's Boutique, you're well on your way to wherever you're going, because we already have the panty line in mind!

2) If you have something more skin tight, instead of a bikini or thong that may show more lines, opt for a boyshort cut.

3) If the material is lighter in color, make sure you have something light tan or light gray to hide the colors. White is like a beacon under white, so make sure to avoid that, or everyone will see it! (This is also true when it comes to bras.)

4) Still out of luck? Every woman has this in their wardrobe: a stretch tank or tube top. Take that and turn it into a slip if you don't have one already. This will work best if it isn't hot to begin with outdoors. If the layer isn't cotton or rayon, be prepared for some massive heat retaining fabrics to ruin your day.

Have a question or suggestion? Email us at to let us know and we'll get to the suggestion next Saturday!


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