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We're told to accessorize, and we know it looks better. Admit it! It really does complete the look!

Without it, we're bare. But, it is confusing, when we constantly hear that "less is more", or to put more accessories on. The only real thing to say about accessories is to NOT BE AFRAID. You can't have less, when you have no accessories on.

Don't be afraid to try new things. Get out of your comfort-zone and put on that extra necklace to layer-it-up... or mix-it-up with metals! Just be sure when you mix or layer, it makes sense.

Even if you're not into jewelry, you can put on a watch or shop for a new type of purse/handbag/clutch. Heck, it can even be a new belt to wear with your jeans/shorts to have your shirt slightly tucked in to show off your subtle accessory.


Just think to yourself, "Does it tell a story?" The story you want to tell each day is important. If you're feeling sporty, go with something simple. If you're feeling bohemian, grab things that inspire the look with some turquoise. Want to be dazzling? You better be wearing something pearly n' sparkly!

Showcase your story and that side of you will shine with your accessory choices.

If you're not used to accessories, just start small and build up. Trust your gut instinct and challenge yourself to wear something new.

Tell your accessory story.

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